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To simply create a changelog at your projects git root directory:

# same as running `git-cliff --config cliff.toml --repository .`
# same as running `git-cliff --workdir .`
git cliff

Set a tag for the unreleased changes:

# it doesn't have to be an existing tag
git cliff --tag 1.0.0

Generate a changelog for a certain part of git history:

# only takes the latest tag into account
git cliff --latest

# only takes the current tag into account
# useful if you checkout a specific tag (e.g. `git checkout v0.0.1`)
# (requires a tag to be present for the current commit (i.e. HEAD))
git cliff --current

# generate changelog for unreleased commits
git cliff --unreleased
git cliff --unreleased --tag 1.0.0

Generate a changelog for a specific commit range (based on git ranges):

git cliff 4c7b043..a440c6e
git cliff 4c7b043..HEAD
git cliff HEAD~2..
git cliff v2.2.1..
git cliff v0.1.0..HEAD

Sort the commits inside sections:

# The oldest commit will be on top.
# (default)
git cliff --sort oldest

# The newest commit will be on top.
git cliff --sort newest

Sort the tags in topological order:

# Process in topological order instead of chronological.
git cliff --topo-order

Save the changelog file to the specified file:

# Set output path
git cliff --output

# Without path, the default is ``
git cliff -o

Prepend new changes to an existing changelog file:

# 1- changelog header is removed from
# 2- new entries are prepended to without footer part
# the --prepend option is incompatible with -o (output) if the file paths are equal
git cliff --unreleased --tag 1.0.0 --prepend

Set/remove the changelog parts:

git cliff --body $template --strip footer

Skip running the commands defined in pre/postprocessors.

# No external command execution
git cliff --no-exec