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git-cliff [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [RANGE]


-h, --help        Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information
-v, --verbose... Increases the logging verbosity
-i, --init Writes the default configuration file to cliff.toml
-l, --latest Processes the commits starting from the latest tag
--current Processes the commits that belong to the current tag
-u, --unreleased Processes the commits that do not belong to a tag
--topo-order Sorts the tags topologically
--context Prints changelog context as JSON


-c, --config <PATH>              Sets the configuration file [env: GIT_CLIFF_CONFIG=] [default: cliff.toml]
-w, --workdir <PATH> Sets the working directory [env: GIT_CLIFF_WORKDIR=]
-r, --repository <PATH>... Sets the git repository [env: GIT_CLIFF_REPOSITORY=]
--include-path <PATTERN>... Sets the path to include related commits [env: GIT_CLIFF_INCLUDE_PATH=]
--exclude-path <PATTERN>... Sets the path to exclude related commits [env: GIT_CLIFF_EXCLUDE_PATH=]
--with-commit <MSG>... Sets custom commit messages to include in the changelog [env: GIT_CLIFF_WITH_COMMIT=]
-p, --prepend <PATH> Prepends entries to the given changelog file [env: GIT_CLIFF_PREPEND=]
-o, --output <PATH> Writes output to the given file [env: GIT_CLIFF_OUTPUT=]
-t, --tag <TAG> Sets the tag for the latest version [env: GIT_CLIFF_TAG=]
-b, --body <TEMPLATE> Sets the template for the changelog body [env: GIT_CLIFF_TEMPLATE=]
-s, --strip <PART> Strips the given parts from the changelog [possible values: header, footer, all]
--sort <SORT> Sets sorting of the commits inside sections [default: oldest] [possible values: oldest, newest]


[RANGE]  Sets the commit range to process